Financial Help
One of the ways in which you can help the parish is by providing financial support and there are various ways in which you can do this.

Gift Aid
As with most other charitable organizations, we run a Gift Aid scheme, which is an enormous help with parish funds. If you are a UK tax payer, please consider becoming part of this scheme. We can reclaim 25p from HMRC for every pound donated by you. Joining is very simple and only requires a signature. For further information, please contact the parish office.
Download a Gift Aid form (PDF Format).
Should you prefer to pay by standing order, please use the form provided GA Standing Order Form.

Leave a Legacy
Remember the Church in your will.
Have you ever considered leaving the Church a legacy in your Will? You will obviously want to provide for family and loved ones first, but a donation to the church, however small, will be gratefully received.
Gifts such as this should be bequeathed to ‘RC Archdiocese of Southwark’ for the use of English Martyrs Church, Streatham. For further information, please contact the parish office.

Payroll Giving
Payroll giving or Give As You earn (GAYE) is a valuable way of assisting the parish to boost its funds, without you having to give extra. Does your workplace have a Give As You Earn Donation Scheme? If so, is this something you might consider joining?
GAYE allows your workplace payroll department to set up a regular donation that comes straight out of your salary. The deduction is made before tax, so if you are a basic rate taxpayer and you donated £10, only £8 will be deducted from your take-home pay. If you are a higher rate taxpayer, the incentives are even greater.
Your company may offer other incentives, for example, if you join the GAYE scheme, your company may give a one-off gift, or, they may have a Match Funding benefit whereby they will add their own portion to your donation.
Many companies nowadays are happy to facilitate this scheme whereby you can donate direct from your salary. Check with your Payroll, HR or Personnel department to see if this scheme is available to you.

Parish Fundraising
You may be aware that we have had some major expenses to keep our church in good condition. We will set up an account on soon to ask you for financial help – whatever you can give towards our fundraising efforts, it will be much appreciated!


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